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Pata Negra Paleta Bellota 100% Iberico ham approx. 5 kg

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Ibericos Guillén

Ibéricos Guillén is located in Guijuelo, "the cradle of the Iberian ham", in the Sierra de Salamanca. From here, thanks to the traditional production processes and the highest quality pigs, they get the most exquisite Iberian products and are naturally salted, dried and aged.

Manuel Guillen SA produces all its products from premium pork in its renovated and fully certified premises. Partly because of this, they can guarantee exceptional quality.

All this together with the professionalism of their employees enables them to offer a wide range of delicious Iberico hams and Iberian products.

Manuel Guillen SA is a family business that has been engaged in the production and manufacture of Iberian pork products for three generations.

Iberico species

Jamon Bellota 100% Ibérico (Pata Negra)

• Top category made with 100% purebred Iberian pigs
• 100% fed with acorns and food from the wild
• Free range, the pigs are allowed to roam around in the dehesa
• 1.25 pigs per hectare (10,000 m2)
• Aged for at least 36 months.

Jamon Bellota

• The variety is a mix of Iberico and Duroc (50-75% Iberico)
• Fed with acorns and food from the wild
• Free range, the pigs are allowed to roam around in the dehesa
• 1.25 pigs per hectare
• Aged for at least 36 months

Jamon Cebo de Campo

• The variety is a mix of Iberico and Duroc (minimum 50% Iberico)
• Fed with a combination of acorns, grains and feed
• Free range, the pigs are allowed to roam around in the dehesa
• 15 pigs per hectare (10,000 m2) • Matured for at least 26 months

Jamon de Cebo

• The variety is a mix of Iberico and Duroc (minimum 50% Iberico)
• Fed with a combination of acorns, grains, feed and grass
• No free range
• Aged for at least 18 months

Jamon (gammon) & Paleta (shoulder ham)

The main difference between paleta (shoulder ham) and jamon (gammon) is in weight and ripening time. Furthermore, these two products come from the same Iberico pig and were raised on the same diet and in the same living conditions. The ripening/drying time of the Jamon is longer than that of a Paleta. A Jamon weighs between 7.5 and 9.5 kg and the Paleta between 4 and 6 kg. Due to the Paleta's smaller size, the meat is closer to the bone. As a result, the Iberico shoulder ham is known for a more intense and riper taste.

Our Jamones normally weigh between 8 and 8.5 kg and a Paleta usually weighs between 5 and 5.5 kg. If you only eat a plate of Iberico ham with 1 or 2 people every now and then, it is advisable to choose a Paleta. To preserve the best quality, you want to use up the Jamon or Paleta within 3 weeks after cutting.

Ripening and drying times

Bellota 100% Iberico Pata Negra

Paleta (ham shoulder): 36+ months
Jamon (gammon): 46+ months


Paleta (ham shoulder): 24+ months
Jamon (gammon): 36+ months

Cebo de Campo

Paleta (ham shoulder): 18+ months
Jamon (gammon): 26+ months


Paleta (ham shoulder): 16+ months
Jamon (gammon): 24+ months

Use and store

You will receive the iberico ham in a stylish cover from Ibéricos Guillén. Preferably, you remove the ham from the cover and place it on the ham holder, so that it can 'breathe' properly.

Preferably store in a dry, cool and dark place.

Gradually lay out after cutting. Cover the cut part with loose pieces of fat and cover it with a tea towel or the supplied cover.


Pure Iberico ham, Salt, dextrose, antioxidants (E-331) and preservatives (E-252; E-250).

The real pata negra ham: bellota 100% pure Iberico

100% Iberico
Food: Grains + Acorns + Herbs + Wild Plants
Maturation time: 36+ months
Weight: 5-5.5 kg

Discover the taste of what many consider to be the best ham in the world. The Paleta Iberico Bellota (100% Iberico), also called Pata Negra, is a product that is at the top of the list of Spanish delicacies. This Paleta is obtained from the Iberico pig of 100% Iberico breed. The pigs are fed with acorns (bellotas) and food from the wild.

Origin : Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain
Storage : preferably in a dry, cool and dark place
Use : use it gradually after cutting. Cover the cut piece with loosely cut pieces of fat and a tea towel.

Pata Negra: First-class Iberico ham

A bite of the very best Pata Negra immediately explains why this is such a special Spanish delicacy. It has an intense nutty flavor and a delicate soft texture; this Iberian ham melts in your mouth. The fat of the Pata Negra ham has a soft milky texture that contrasts perfectly with the rich meat. This texture and aroma are obtained from the diet and long careful rearing of the Iberian pig. The craft of Iberian ham is steeped in history, tradition and love; you can really taste it.

Pata Negra" literally means "black leg" and refers to the black hoof of the black Iberian pig. The term often incorrectly refers to all Iberico ham, but it is more correct to refer to the Black Label or Bellota Ham. This is known as the finest of them all.The completely acorn-fed diet and exercise make the Pata Negra ham a cured meat above the rest.

We also use the term 'Pata Negra' when it comes to full breed 100% Iberico, where both father and mother of the pig were also a 100% Iberico breed pig.

100% Iberico Bellota = Pata Negra.
All other Iberico hams are also often incorrectly called pata negra.

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Armand de Miranda
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Hel tevreden over de kwaliteit en het afleveren.
Zal zeker weer bestellen

Akihiro Matsuoka

Pata Negra Jamon de Bellota 100% Iberico 70gr handgesneden

Tom Bruers
Zeer lekker

Het is van kwaliteit, wel veel vet maar daar maak ik heerlijke smout van

Annemie Loncke
Bellota 70 gr (48+gerijpt )

Top product
Zeer erg lekker !
Top levering

Magda Donoso

Pata Negra Paleta Bellota 100% Iberico ham ca. 5 kg

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